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How to Make a Pull String Piñata

Pull string piñatas are a safer and friendlier alternative to the traditional piñata. Traditional piñatas can be a controversial issue and can pose safety issues for young children. A pull string is a simple modification that can be done with any piñata.

What you will need:

· Flat bottom piñata

· Box cutter

· Scissors

· Ribbon or string

·School glue

· Crepe paper that matches piñata
How to make your pull string piñata:

1.Mark an area with a measurement of 3”x3”x3” where you want to put your trap door. The area where you intend on putting the trap door should be smooth and cleared of any fringe.

2.Cut the measured area with a box cutter. Be sure to only cut three sides as the forth side will be the hinge for your door.
3.Make a hole in your door, thread a long piece of ribbon and knot it. The length of your ribbon should be determined by the height at which you will hang the piñata. It is better to make the ribbon longer as it can easily be trimmed later.
4.Cut as many pieces of ribbon that you need and attach. You can string your additional ribbons by punching holes and threading your ribbon or by attaching to the perimeter the trap door. Secure your ribbon by taping the ends on the inside.
5.Fill your piñata with goodies and close the trap door. Close the trap door without securing it, the door should remain closed on its own.
6.Hide the trap door. Cover your trap door by covering with either tissue paper or crepe paper.

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