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The timing of your party is critical for its success; this is especially true in younger children. When you plan for the best time of day and the length of the party it makes the party more enjoyable for everyone and it makes it easier for you.

When deciding the best timing of your party there are some factors that you must take in to consideration:

What is the age of your child and the children to be invited?

Most often young children under the age of 5 handle morning parties best. Many children still nap and it should be taken in to consideration- not only will they enjoy the party but they will be better behaved and make the party more enjoyable for the adults as well. There is no fun with cranky kids at a party, especially a crowd of them.

Birthday parties are not recommended for children at one year old. Children of this age have no idea what the big deal is, if you do decide to throw a party for your child, keep it small and short, one hour would be ideal. At one year old children can become quickly overwhelmed with all the excitement and may not enjoy the ordeal at all. This celebration is about you as a parent and those close to your child- it is a very big day and significant milestone. Can you believe how much your baby has grown and changed in only one year?

Children between the age of 2 and 3 often still have afternoon naps. An exciting party day should be planned around children’s nap time, especially if yours won’t be the only one of the age group. Morning parties work well because parents can still get their child home for their lunch and regular routine. The party should only be about an hour long and no longer than 1.5 hours; young children have short attention spans and won’t be entertained long. You don’t want a bunch of cranky tots, they won’t enjoy themselves and neither will you or the other parents.

By the age of 4, most children will better handle an afternoon party. By preschool age children will enjoy a simple lunch and an early afternoon party. Children between 4 and 8 years old can usually handle a party that lasts 1.5-2 hours.

Kids aged 8 and up may start requesting sleepover parties; they are also old enough to help host their own party. At this age kids can handle a party for 1.5-3 hours if it isn’t a sleepover and can easily handle later afternoon and evening parties. If you plan a sleepover, the party shouldn’t start too late, the party should not start any later than 6-7 pm.

Whether you decide to throw a meal will affect the timing of the party at any age. If you are going to provide a meal, a party can be planned for the meal hours. If you will not provide a meal it is important to plan your party around the meal time, 1-4 is an ideal afternoon party time as guests can have lunch before they arrive and home in time for supper.
The above are only general guidelines and should only be used to assist you in planning your party, the biggest factor you need to consider is your own child, the party is about them and they should enjoy it.

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