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Sleepover Party Games

Every great sleepover has great party games. Plan activities for the beginning of your child’s party to wear off some party excitement before kids go off on their own and have their own fun.  Plan a non scary movie to finish your party night while kids nestle in for some sleep (hopefully!).



Burglar Alarm- You will need a small timer to play this game.  Choose one person to start the game and have the remaining players wait outside of the room, the child chosen to start should set the timer and hide it somewhere in the room.   When the timer has been hidden the players all come back in to the room to look for the timer before it goes off, the person that finds it hides it the next game. To make this game more exciting play in a dark room and have players use flashlights to find the timer.


Musical Sleeping Bags- This game is played using the same rules as musical chairs.  Lay the kid’s sleeping bags in a circle, use one less sleeping bag than the number of children.  While playing music the kids all walk around the sleeping bags, when the music  stops the kids must try and get in to a sleeping bag as quickly as possible, whoever is without a sleeping bag is out and another sleeping bag is taken out, the game continues until there is only one player left.


Piggly Wiggly- Children all lay out their sleeping bags and one child is chosen to be “it” and leaves the room. The remaining children randomly choose a sleeping bag that is not their own and hides in it.  After all of the kids have hidden the person who is “it” comes back in to the room and sits on a sleeping bag and says “Piggly Wiggly”, the child in the sleeping bags says “oink oink”, either in their regular voice or disguised.  “It” must guess who is in the sleeping bag, if guessed right the person inside the sleeping bag becomes “it”, if guessed wrong the game starts again and the children all choose a different sleeping bag.


Hide and Seek the Blair Witch Way- This game is not recommended for young guests and should only be played with older teens.  You will need a cell phone and a home phone to play this game and it should be played in a dark room.  Choose one child to hide and give them the cell phone, the remaining players all go looking for the hiding one.  The hiding player should occasionally call the house phone and giving the other players clues about their hiding location. 
Truth or Dare- This is a classic sleepover game that children are probably already quite familiar with.  You may choose to have two bowls, one with “truths” and one for “dares” that the players can draw from or you may just let them play on their own.  Everybody sits in a circle and asks each other truth questions, if a person doesn’t want to answer the truth question they must do a dare.


Name That Pop Star- Write the names of some popular pop stars that your child and guests are familiar with on paper, fold the paper and put in a bowl.  Guests each take turns drawing a piece of paper and sing their favorite verse of a song by the pop star, the remaining players must all try and guess who the pop star is.


Name That Tune- Play various songs for only a very short time and have kids try and guess the song title and artist. You can keep score for this game to declare a winner.


Hung out to Dry- You will need 7 clothespins for each child playing, clip the clothespins on the back of the player’s pyjamas and have the children stand in a circle facing each other.  When the hostess calls “Go!” the kids all try and take as many clothespins from the other players and pin them to the front of their pyjamas, when pinned on the front the clothespins cannot be taken.  The player with the most clothespins wins.


Flashlight Treasure Hunt- This game should be played in the dark. Hide prizes in your yard or in a large indoor area and give each child a flashlight (or have them bring their own).  Kids try to find as many prizes they can and keep what they find.  Pillow cases can be used for the loot bags.


Mummy- Kids should be in teams of two and given two rolls of toilet paper.  When each team has decided who will get “mummified”, teams race against each other and the first team to finish wins.
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