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St. Patrick’s Day Jokes
St. Patrick’s Day is a popular celebration for many people- not just the Irish.  Whether you are having a celebration or just looking for a few laughs you came to the right place, we have compiled a list of G rated jokes for you and the kids to enjoy.


What is kept outside all summer and is Irish?

Paddy O’Furniture!

When is an Irish Potato not an Irish potato?

When it’s a French fry!

Why is a river so rich?

Because it has two banks!

What do you get when you cross a pillow case with a stone?

A shamrock!       

What do you call a clumsy Irish Dance?

A jig mistake!

How can you tell if an Irish man is having a good time?

He is Dublin over with laughter!

Did you hear about the leprechaun that went to jail?

He was a leper-con!

Why can’t you borrow money from a leprechaun?
Because they are always a little short!

Did you hear of the leprechaun that worked at the diner?

He was a short-order cook!

Do leprechauns get angry when you make fun of their height?

Yeah, but only a little!

Do leprechauns make good secretaries?

Of course, they are great at short hand!

Why are leprechauns so hard to get along with?

Because they are short tempered!

What do you get when two leprechauns have a conversation?
A lot of small talk!

What baseball position do leprechauns usually play?

Short stop!

Why do frogs love St. Patrick’s Day?

Because they’re always wearing green!

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Warren who?

Warren anything green today?


Why did Saint Patrick drive the snakes out of Ireland?

He couldn’t afford airfare!


Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Irish who?

Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Enjoy the jokes and have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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